ride high


ride high

Meaning | Synonyms

  • when someone is very successful
  • somebody Being confident
  • being popular and doing quite well in their life
  • to be quite excited and happy

Example Sentences

  1. Our team won four college tournaments in a row this year! Why wouldn’t the team be riding high!
  2. You’ve got a TV show coming up? Oh my God! Someone is clearly riding high!
  3. Anita finally got the promotion she’s been waiting since like forever. She’s been riding high ever since the news came through!
  4. Girl, don’t ride so high already! It has just been three weeks since you have gotten into this relationship!
  5. There has been quite a debate over which of the two major parties is going to win this year’s elections. Now that the elections are almost here, supporter really seem to be riding high!


The story behind the origin or how the phrase ‘ride high’ came into use isn’t really known. However, the first use of the idiom seems to have been made in records pretty early. Some records have been found of the use of this idiom around early eighteenth century- around 1725, to be precise.

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I searched this idiom up and I found that it can also be said as riding high on the waves. It was first used by surfers that caught a high wave. The people who saw the surfer will say “You were riding the high waves!”

‒ Chenyi Zhu November 6, 2020

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