rain check

rain check


  • to give an assurance of not doing something right now but later
  • to give a coupon to a customer confirming that they would be able to purchase something at a discounted price that it is being sold for right now but is out of stock

Example Sentences

  1. The couple took a rain check today from the school duties because it is their anniversary and they wanted to spend the day together.
  2. I am taking a rain check from having the morning coffee with my husband today because I have to get to a business meeting by 8 am.
  3. The children took a rain check from the exam as they were told that it is an optional but important assessment.
  4. I will have to take a rain check from going to the kitty party because my son is not well.
  5. She always takes a rain check when we have to go out together. Perhaps she does not like our company.


The phrase is speculated to come from sports events getting cancelled in the event of rains. This is especially true for the high profile events that sell tickets at handsome rates to its patrons. In the event of rain when the sport is indeed cancelled, a rain check is provided which gives the audience an assurance that the amount spent on the ticket will be compensated at a later date through another match. The meaning slowly changed from this to being something that is avoided or procrastinated for later.

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