in bed with


in bed with


  • to work with a person or organisation, or being involved with them, in a way that causes other people to distrust you.
  • in a romantic or physical relationship with someone.
  • to be involved in a scheme, or negative plan, or criminal group of people.

Examples in Sentences

  1. The two young men were in bed with the neighborhood gangs.
  2. Sarah was in bed with the Crochet Club.
  3. The 1920s nightclubs were in bed with illegal gambling.
  4. Sarah and Amy were in bed with the nurse’s union at the worker’s strike.
  5. Duncan and Bella were in bed with their dog, Chloe.
  6. All those five people were accused of being in bed with the terrorists responsible for the July 7th, 2005 London Bombing.


The idiom “in bed with” means, “to work with a person or organisation or be involved with them in a way that causes other people not to trust you.” The idiom “in bed with” had a negative connotation based on the context of the sentence. The idiom is often used as a description of adult, romantic relationships, but can be categorised as any relationship between two or more people. The informal use of the idiom can be understood by reading and comprehending the subject of the sentence.

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