pep talk


pep talk

Meaning | Synonyms

  • a motivational speech
  • a speech intended to make someone feel more courageous or enthusiastic
  • an influential talk
  • a short conversation to build high spirits

Example Sentences

  1. Last night, I met Sara for a pep talk because I had my interview the very next day.
  2. I was supposed to meet my counselor for a pep talk.
  3. The principal gave the students a pep talk this morning, in the assembly, to boost up their confidence.
  4. Alex is confused – I think he needs a pep talk.
  5. The coach was supposed to give us a final pep talk before the beginning of the match.
  6. I guess you need a pep talk to finish the work.
  7. Suzy seemed fully energized today; she had a pep talk before the examination.


It is to be believed that the word “pep” came from “pepper.” It is used in the sense of personal energy or spirit since about 1847. A pep talk is aimed at energizing people and it came in about 1926. The earliest use of the phrase “pep talk” was found in “The Mansfield News.”

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Stimulating one’s mental well being or IQ. for good.

‒ Anonymous February 20, 2023

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