zip it

zip it


  • to ask someone to shut up
  • to ask to not say anything further, in a rude manner
  • to stop talking

Example Sentences

  1. The teacher had asked the class to zip it but today everybody seemed to want to talk a lot. So she punished the entire class.
  2. I told you to zip it while I pray. Why are you disturbing me then?
  3. She should just zip it in front of her in-laws knowing that they don’t care anyway.
  4. My mom would just ask me to zip it when I started asking questions about this topic.
  5. Can you please zip it so I can concentrate on the game?
  6. My siblings were often told to zip it but I always did what I wanted.
  7. You should not zip it when it is a matter of your life. You must have a full say in the decision.
  8. Children are often asked to zip it but that is just bad parenting.


The phrase originates from the exaggeration of closing a bag by zipping it, to extend it to closing a topic by zipping the mouth of the person talking. It is used more as a slang and one would not hear such a language or tone in a formal conversation.

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