speak up


speak up


  • raise your voice
  • to talk very loudly or distinctly in order to be heard
  • to express your own opinion or defend someone without fear and with courage

Example Sentences

  1. Can you speak up because those at the back can barely hear you?
  2. Even though Mark’s view was not widely accepted, Matt still spoke up to support him.
  3. People should never be afraid to speak up in the face of injustice.
  4. When speaking to a crowd, you have to ensure you speak up so you can be heard by all.
  5. I always speak up when I feel quite strongly about something.
  6. A good leader always speaks up for the people irrespective of what anyone thinks.


This phrase was one that was originally used on kids especially when they are talking to adults. Since the adult will be quite taller than the child, the child is forced to look up and speak up to the adult. Also, children have tinier voices and so to speak up also came to mean they should speak louder. Lastly, given that a child’s opinions are not often taken seriously, when a child insisted on something, they are also said to be speaking up.


  • talk louder; shout; speak out; raise your voice; protest; exclaim; speak your mind; say your piece

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