like a bat out of hell

like a bat out of hell

Meaning | Synonyms

  • very fast and crazily
  • occurring rapidly
  • moving fast
  • extremely quick
  • happening without any pause
  • something happening abruptly
  • with great intensity

Example Sentences

  1. When Sara told Sam that there is a ghost living next to their room, he changed the room like a bat out of hell.
  2. Yesterday Kevin was driving like a bat out of hell.
  3. My toy plane flies here and there like a bat out of hell.
  4. DHL delivered the goods to me like a bat out of hell.
  5. She rushed into the shopping mall like a bat out of hell and collected many discounted products.
  6. Like a bat out of hell, Nick came to us and asked for help.
  7. The factory caught fire and its workers were running and trying to escape like a bat out of hell.


The expression “like a bat out of hell” is very commonly used in English. Bats have been associated with witches since the Jacobean times (reign of James VI of Scotland). Bats fly very quickly as if they are panicking, so this is how the phrase is associated with its origin.

L 1 Thought

1 Thought

It mean that very fast and which the happened as like sudden

- Hp Pathak January 20, 2019

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