get over it
get over it Meaning accept something and move on move beyond something that is bothering you don’t dwell on something unpleasant that has happened in the past don’t ... Read on
head over heels
head over heels also head over heels in love / fall head over heels for someone Meaning fall deeply and completely in love, especially suddenly madly in love be very much ... Read on
over the top
over the top Meaning: excessive, exaggerated too extreme, overdone beyond normal, acceptable or reasonable limits Example: The politician was over the top with his speech. Everything he said ... Read on
over the moon
over the moon Meaning: extremely pleased or happy delighted in a state of great happiness Example: Judy was over the moon when Tim proposed to her. He was over ... Read on
pull the wool over eyes
pull the wool over eyes Meaning: to deceive someone to hoodwink someone prevent someone from discovering something by deceiving them deceive someone into thinking well of them Example: ... Read on
cry over spilt milk
cry over spilt milk also cry over spilled milk Meaning to be upset about things that have already been done to cry about past events that cannot be undone ... Read on
over my dead body
over my dead body Meaning | Synonyms in no way, under no circumstances willing to go to extreme lengths to stop something from happening an exaggerated way of ... Read on
bend over backwards
bend over backwards Meaning do all in one’s power (usually to achieve something or accommodate somebody) make every effort to do something, especially to help someone work very ... Read on

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an item
be an item Meaning be involved in a romantic relationship a couple having a romantic relationship two people who are lovers Example Sentences John and Sally are frequently seen ... Read on


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