Elvis has left the building


Elvis has left the building

Meaning | Synonyms

  • the show is ended and go home now
  • the concert is over – go home
  • used to refer “the end” of public show or event
  • it’s all over!
  • over and done with
  • the end
  • finished or ended
  • the party is over

Example Sentences

  1. I think we delayed coming – Elvis has left the building.
  2. What are you waiting for now? Elvis has left the building.
  3. The event manager said, “I am sorry Mr. Reddy, you are late. Elvis has left the building.”
  4. Why the Elvis has left the building so soon? The show was supposed to end at 11PM.
  5. I came here, to take photos of the tornado from near, but it turned away before reaching to us. Elvis has left the building.
  6. Tom went to the movies to watch “Black Panther” with his
    friends and after an one hour long movie had finally ended, yes, Elvis
    had left the building and it was time to go home.


This expression was used back in the days at the end of every Elvis Presley’s concert to let fans know that there would no more performances and they need to go home. Now, it is used more widely to show that someone has made an exit or that a process is complete.

Ironically, although this phrase was later used to encourage the audience at Elvis’ concert to leave, initially it was used to persuade fans to stay in their seats. It was first used in 1956 by Horace Logan who was the announcer at the Louisiana Hayride show, where Elvis was a regular performer. That concert had a lot of teenagers in attendance, after his performance was over and the encore complete, the crowd, who weren’t Hillbilly enthusiasts, began to leave. Logan then announced:

“Please, young people … Elvis has left the building. He has gotten in his car and driven away … Please take your seats”

During the 1970s, Al Dvorin who was Elvis’ regular stage announcer picked up the phrase and his version can be heard on several live recordings:

“Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has left the building. Thank you and goodnight.”

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