over the top

over the top


  • excessive, exaggerated
  • too extreme, overdone
  • beyond normal, acceptable or reasonable limits


  1. The politician was over the top with his speech. Everything he said was exaggerated.
  2. The company had gone over the top with its projections of growth in the current year.
  3. The arrangements for the party was way over the top.
  4. He went over the top with the numbers in his report.
  5. He has a habit if going over the top whenever he is out with his friends.
  6. The way the media covered the celebrity wedding was way over the top.
  7. The talk was supposed to be motivating, but the promises made were over the top and sounded insincere.
  8. In his quest to build a business empire, he went over the top with his borrowings and finally collapsed when the markets were tough.

The expression originated during World War I when the British used it to describe the army coming out of the safety of the trenches to attack the enemy across open ground.

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