• the beginning of something suddenly
  • the start of something unpleasant, usually a disease

Example Sentences

  • The influenza outbreak had begun that year.
  • I had an outbreak of measles a year and a half back. It was a bad time for me.
  • There is an outbreak of viral fever in the African countries right now.
  • The H1N1 outbreak is very bad in the south of the country.
  • Do you know the consequences of the outbreak that this virus will cause when released in water? It will wipe out the entire village.
  • My sister saw an outbreak of yellow fever and pneumonia together. That is why she was admitted in the hospital.
  • The outbreak of the riot happened in this street where people were initially just protesting and chanting out loud.
  • The outbreak of the war was natural after so much animosity between the neighbouring countries.
  • You don’t know what caused this outbreak so you cannot conclude your paper like this.
  • The Mehta’s have seen an outbreak of Dengue in their neighbourhood.


The phrase is a play on words for breaking out. Something that can harbour frustration and hence the result is usually negative. It is most commonly used for announcing diseases but is not a medical phrase.

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