• to escape from somewhere violently
  • a group escaping from prison
  • a massive acne breakout, usually happens to teenagers
  • something that is sudden and popular
  • a small group which tears away from a larger one

break out

  • something that start suddenly like fighting, war or other unwanted occurrences
  • flare up
  • erupt or burst out

Example Sentences

  1. The breakout was so sudden that the guards did not even have the time to process what happened.
  2. Radha has a breakout again so she does not want to attend the party.
  3. The news reported a breakout but I could not see when or where it happened.
  4. How much do you know about breakouts to be able to help in this matter?
  5. There was a breakout of conflicts against the lady which caused her to leave her home like this.
  6. You must avoid this breakout of aggression if you want to save this relationship.
  7. The breakout of the discussion group was a good thing because it helped get to conclusions sooner.
  8. This was the breakout movie of the year! I loved it.
  9. This team is defensive in its approach and often opt for a breakout in the first half of the game itself.
  10. War broke out between the two countries for the controversial area. (break out)


The phrase originated in the mid 1900’s and has off late become popular in parlance because it can be used negatively as well as positively.

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