on your mark


on your mark, get set go

Meaning | Synonyms

  • absolutely accurate
  • totally precise
  • it is accurate or perfect
  • a command given to runners before the start of a race
  • used to initiate players in a race to get ready themselves in the accurate opening pose

Example Sentences

  1. Runners, please get ready. On your mark, get set, go!
  2. There are many opinions about how to deal with shortage of water but I think only Jeff is on the mark.
  3. The prediction of Bob about Emma was definitely on the mark.
  4. My heart started pounding and then the instructor yelled, “On your mark!” And we were ready to run.
  5. Dear students, let’s see who completes the Essay Writing Test in the least amount of time. Be on your mark, get set and start!


When runners need to line up for a race there will typically be a mark that they need to stand at. This is often a line that is drawn across the track. In more informal settings it could be a line drawn in the sand or a beacon that has been placed in a particular location.

The runners will be instructed to stand behind the line in an attempt to ensure that everyone leaves from the same spot and runs the same distance. After they have found their mark they will be told to get set and then to go.

On your mark,
Get set,

The go will usually be indicated by some sort of loud sound. Often a whistle or starting pistol. If large groups of runners are being addressed the announces will often say “on your marks” instead of mark. The phrase “ready, steady, go” is often used in the place of the original.

The phrase has been used at the beginning of foot races since the 1800s.

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