too close to call


too close to call

Meaning | Synonyms

  • a margin that is too close to determine a winner
  • not possible to predict the outcome of a match or election
  • on level pegging
  • with nothing to choose between them
  • too close or equal
  • at almost same level

Example Sentences

  1. There are only a few minutes left in the match and it is too close to call.
  2. This match is too close to call, it is very stressful.
  3. The election has been too close to call, but we trust that our candidate will win.
  4. Political experts believe that it’s too close to call since both the election candidates are quite prominent competitor.
  5. The last round was too close to call therefore this round will be crucial in order to declare the winner.
  6. Both of the dogs are equally strong and too close to call.


The meaning of “a call” is a judgement. The word has been used in this sense since the 1600s. That means that when there is a competition between two things a winner needs to be decided on. This phrase was mostly used in sport during the 1860s. Especially in baseball where the umpire often needs to make a decision.

Since the 1960s it has been used when discussing the outcome of elections. When you make a call, you provide a definitive decision. In elections that have a very small margin it is sometimes considered too close to predict a winner before it is over. It is said that the phrase was first used by CBS in 1962. It was initially used to describe the outcome of pre-election polls and later on elections.

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