Race Idioms

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back the wrong horse

Meaning: make an inappropriate and wrong decision.

Example: My dad is an expert stock trader and has rarely backed the wrong horse. Read more ➺

safe bet

Meaning: something that will undoubtedly happen.

Example: I knew her passing the exams was a safe bet because she has been a hardworking student. Read more ➺

on the money

Meaning: being right about something.

Example: What he predicted was right on the money. Read more ➺

wild goose chase

Meaning: wasting resource working on something that does not exist

Example: They tampered with my research. Thank God I found it out. I'm sure they were hoping to send me on a wild goose chase as I continue my research. Read more ➺

on your mark

Meaning: absolutely accurate

Example: Runners, please get ready. On your mark, get set, go! Read more ➺

neck and neck

Meaning: extremely near one another

Example: The two athletes have been neck and neck for this entire race. Read more ➺