and so on


and so on
also, and so forth


  • and related stuff
  • a list goes on in a same way
  • a different way of saying et cetera
  • used at the end of a list to indicate that there are other items that can still be added

Example Sentences

  1. I enjoy outdoor sports like swimming, surfing, hiking and so on.
  2. ‘We’ll See,’ Trump Says on North Korea. And Iran. And Nafta. And So On.
  3. We are going to organise a beautiful birthday party for my mom. We will have cake, champagne, balloons and so on.
  4. I like reading books like Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte and so on.
  5. Her favourite things to eat are chips, chocolates, cookies and so on. It is no wonder that she is so unhealthy.
  6. He enjoys traveling to exotic locations like Thailand, Morocco, Vietnam and so on.
  7. I have to pack, clean up, sell the house and so on before we can move to a new country.


There is no clear indication of where the phrase originated from. Etc is used when Latin phrases are used. It is used in formal writing, usually in end-notes or footnotes. In main paragraphs it is more stylistically accurate to use and so on.

You can also use and so forth, it has the same meaning.

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