stack the deck


stack the deck

Meaning | Definition

  • to be against someone or something
  • to arrange something in a manner that either someone will gain a wrong disadvantage or a person would get an unfair advantage
  • to be deceitful in achieving a goal
  • to influence the results in an unfair manner by way of making arrangements to specifically do so

Example Sentences

  1. The manager had stacked the deck against me but I was able to prove through the system that the error could be apportioned to me.
  2. I am going to stack the deck so that you get an opportunity to audition for this part even though the selection committee has made their mind.
  3. Don’t stack the deck in this manner so that your kin gets the better seats during this travel.
  4. She had stacked the deck in order to gain an advantage in the party elections.
  5. If you have so many people from his community in the jury, it stacks the deck.


The phrase originates from card games and the fact that stacking the deck in an unfair manner gave an advantage to a player in order to win. While the literary origin could not be traced with full accuracy, the phrase seems to have an American base.

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