status quo


status quo

Meaning | Definition

  • the existing condition
  • the current status of affairs, particularly about political or social matters
  • the normal condition with regards to social and political situations

Example Sentences

  1. The countries are now trying to maintain a status quo with regards to their nuclear arsenal which will help them if the situation gets any worse.
  2. I would like this project to reach a status quo at least if we cannot reason with the client to go any further. The employees should get their due share after having put in so much work.
  3. The situation between then is not going to get any better than a status quo so it will be a waste of your time to try anything else.
  4. The parties have maintained a status quo in terms of the number of followers in each region so we really cannot predict the result of this election.
  5. I had a vested interest in maintaining a status quo this time because I needed to have learnt about the processes before my father retired.


The phrase originates from the Latin language which mean and literally translates in “the state in which”. It is used in legal parlance most commonly but is also a phrase that is regularly used. It is speculated to have originated in the 18th century.

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Of course, Status Quo is also the name of a great rock / blues band, known affectionately by fans as The Quo.

‒ Fiona Mackenzie December 20, 2017

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