love nest


love nest


  • a home or place where two people who love each other live
  • a place where two lovers meet secretly to make love
  • a place used for making love, usually secretly
  • a place where a couple can enjoy each other’s company
  • a place where two lovers spend time together, especially in secret

Example Sentences

  1. It was rumoured that the boss was having an illicit love affair with one of his subordinates. Apparently, he had set up a love nest a few blocks away from the office where they met everyday after work.
  2. The young business tycoon and his newly married wife set up their love nest in a luxurious villa off the beach.
  3. The two had been having an affair for quite some time and had a love nest in the city where they used to meet at lunchtime.
  4. It was reported that the film star was having an adulterous relationship and had set up a luxurious love nest for his mistress.
  5. The couple have a love nest in the suburbs where they hole out for the weekend, away from the madness of the city.
  6. He had an apartment which he used as a love nest for his numerous illicit relationships.

The phrase has been used since the early 1900s.

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