tie the knot


tie the knot


  • to get married

Example Sentences

  1. They have been dating each other for quite some time now and are planning to tie the knot a few months from now.
  2. He tied the knot with his long time girlfriend in a quiet ceremony in his private farmhouse in his ancestral village.
  3. After five years of going around with each other, George and Mia have finally decided to tie the knot later this year.
  4. The celebrity couple tied the knot in a gala ceremony amidst huge fanfare and press coverage.
  5. I heard Chris and Tina will be tying the knot soon. Do you know what they have planned?
  6. If you really think he is perfect for you, why don’t you two plan to tie the knot soon?
  7. They tied the knot in a private ceremony and flew off to their honeymoon without much ado.


The word knot has been associated with marriage since very old times, with the first known occurrence in 1225. It is not clear whether the knot refers an actual knot being tied in marriage ceremonies or it is just a symbolic reference to two people being united. This exact expression was first recorded in 1717 by an English poet, Matthew Prior in his poem “Alma; or, The Progress of the Mind.”

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In south Indian marriages, the holy wedding thread with the mangalsutra or the holy pendant (unique to the family) is tied around the bride’s neck by the groom to solemnize the marriage.

‒ Karthika Devi Rajesh March 5, 2022

A Hindu marriage is solemnised by tying the knot of the bride and groom’s clothing, after which the couple goes around the holy fire seven times, symbolising their everlasting union. The ritual is commonly known as ‘pheras’.

‒ Anuradha Alurkar May 2, 2021

Indian culture is thousands of years old, where marriage is symbolic with Krishna and Radha, Hindu gods, representation for love which over the years become custom to tie a necklace which has a locket in the shape of banyan tree leaf. Till now even Christians do it in India.

‒ Suraj October 14, 2020

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