lost to

lost to


  • to be defeated by someone
  • to be lost to the world means that you are so engrossed in a task that you don’t realise what is going on around you
  • to be lost to the ages means that something has been forgotten over time
  • to no longer be affected by something

Example Sentences

  1. I cannot believe that we lost to their team on Saturday. We practised so hard.
  2. She lost to her sister in the tennis match. She just wasn’t as good as Lucy.
  3. She loves that television show so much that she is lost to the world for the whole hour that it is on.
  4. The man used to be a brilliant scientist, but since his accident he has been lost to the world.
  5. The old, time consuming way of printing has been lost to the ages.
  6. After he treated her so badly she was completely lost to him.


The origin of the word lost can be traced back to the 1300s. The word means “wasted, ruined, spent in vain“. Perhaps more in keeping with the meaning of the idiom would be the use dating back to the 1500s. Meaning “no longer to be found, gone astray.”

It is generally used as an adjective to describe an object but can be related to a feeling or connection.

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