lost on

lost on


  • it means that someone did not understand the remark or joke
  • when someone is not influenced by something
  • not appreciated by someone
  • NOT lost on means that something has a significant impact on someone

Example Sentences

  1. She seems like a very smart lady, but my sense of humour seems to be lost on her.
  2. Any attempt to explain the new accounting system to the new employee seems to be lost on him.
  3. She did not even smile! The joke was definitely lost on her.
  4. The fancy food that she made was lost on I prefer simple meals.
  5. The lecture was completely lost on It is not a subject that I am familiar with and I did not enjoy it at all.
  6. The fact that she was being rude was not lost on me.
  7. I hope that all of the hard work and overtime that we have put in will not be lost on the boss.
  8. Trust me. The irony of the situation was not lost on me.


The origin of the word lost can be traced back to the 1300s. The word means “wasted, ruined, spent in vain“.

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