live at rack and manger

live at rack and manger


  • in between plenty and abundance
  • to live on best at someone else’s expense


  1. He is been living at rack and manger since the time he joined his new job as a manager.
  2. The cricketer has been living at rack and manger even though he retired early. He is the brand ambassador of the most liked clothing brand.
  3. Everyone wants to live at rack and manger but not everybody is willing to work accordingly.
  4. He as been living at rack and manger without much work. His brother has been sending him money every month for 3 years.
  5. I do not want to live at rack and manger from my father’s money. I want to do my own business.
  6. Hard-working and successful people don’t live their life at rack and manger, they believe in their own work and efforts.
  7. My mom always taught me to not to live at rack and manger.

A rack is a structure in which fodder is placed and a manger is also used to hold food for horses. Rack and manger collectively have been known from the late 14th century in both the terms of their use and in the literal meaning.

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