lion’s share

lion's share

Meaning | Synonyms

  • the biggest part of something
  • in a large ratio
  • a large amount of share
  • refers to a huge portion of something
  • getting most of something and leaving a very tiny amount for others

Example Sentences

  1. Karen always keeps a lion's share – I won't work with her anymore.
  2. My sister grabbed the lion's share of the pizza.
  3. They are wasting the lion's share of their income by paying rents of the unnecessarily big house.
  4. Susana claimed the lion's share of the money for her success at the concert.
  5. John was a really deserving candidate, so he got the lion's share of credit for the social service contest.
  6. Rose is doing a great business, her new products account for the lion's share of its profit.
  7. Sara was not looking pretty at all, but she got the lion's share of the attention of the audience in the fashion show.
  8. Jack announced the lion's share of donations to the charities.
  9. The environmental research department received the lion's share of funding from the public.


The idiomatic expression is originally derived from one of Aesop's fables. Aesop was a Greek slave and we can trace one of his fables about a lion, according to which, the lion asks the other animals to hunt along with him and kept the major part of the killed ones being the king of the jungle, while the other animals received a very small part.


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