kill two birds with one stone


kill two birds with one stone

Meaning | Synonyms

  • accomplish two different things at the same time
  • solve two problems with one single action
  • achieve two things with a single action
  • achieve two ends with a single effort

Example Sentences

  1. I have to go to the bank, and on the way back, I’ll pick up the groceries as well, killing two birds with one stone.
  2. He had gone to London on a business trip, while there, he killed two birds with one stone and visited his relatives as well.
  3. Cycling to work kills two birds with one stone. It saves money and gives you some exercise.
  4. I read the newspaper while sipping my morning cup of tea, killing two birds with one stone.
  5. When I went for the interview, I caught up with a few old colleagues who now work there, killing two birds with one stone.
  6. He dropped his kids to school while going to work, killing two birds with one stone.


In its present form, the earliest printed record of the idiom was found in 1656.

It is to be believed that the phrase was originated from the story of Daedalus and Icarus from Greek Mythology.

Daedalus killed two birds with one stone in order to get the feathers of the birds and make the wings. The father and son who escaped from the Labyrinth on Crete by making wings and flying out.

According to another theory the saying was derived from an expression from The Proverbs of John Heywood, 1546 that reads:

“I will learne to stop two gaps with one bush.”

Then about a century later in 1656, the phrase (in its exact form) can be found inĀ The Questions Concerning Liberty, Necessity, and Chance written by Thomas Hobbes.

“T. H. thinks to kill two birds with one stone, and satisfie two Arguments with one answer, whereas in truth he satisfieth neither.”

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Thank you SHAMYAPRASA. I very much like “One stone, two mangoes” over the killing of birds as an inter-generational knowledge transfer.

‒ Mark Griffin December 11, 2021

Synergy? Goes beyond efficiency of doing two things at the same time and involves organizational relationships:

“the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.”

“the synergy between artist and record company”

‒ Mark Griffin December 11, 2021

Whether you kill or throw, both are in anyway denote violence.
On the other hand, examples taken from the Bible are always wholesome and awesome.

The word of God the Bible is likening to a two edged sword, it correct the one who reading it, and the one listening the reading.

Reading the Bible and act by it, enhance not only your spirituality also your outward appearance.

‒ Sivayogan Navaratnam June 16, 2020

How about killing one bird with two stones?

‒ Reece May 27, 2019

This is a time honoured idiom in usage for five centuries. A parallel idiom is in Tamil language dating back to centuries: ONE STONE TWO MANGOES. The latter does not involve any killing!

‒ Shamyaprasa June 1, 2018

How about same stone killed two birds with?

‒ Mich March 7, 2018

A modern variation: I was at a pub with me mate, Keith Richards. We met these marvelous twin brunettes. One thing led to another… and I kissed two birds with one Stone!

‒ Jeff G. September 30, 2016

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