keep promise

to keep one's promise

Meaning | Synonyms

  • be faithful to your word
  • fulfil a promise you have made
  • make good on something you have agreed
  • to give ground for expectation

Example Sentences

  1. How on earth can I marry him when he can't keep his promises?
  2. The government kept its promise to the people and the taxes were reduced.
  3. Her boss cannot keep the promise he made about a pay rise.
  4. His mother kept her promise, and they went to the zoo at the weekend.
  5. You may find it difficult to keep your promise while working abroad.
  6. If you keep your promises, it will create an image that you are truthful and believable.
  7. She has not betrayed him — she kept her promise.
  8. "Because he kept his promise, I am going to keep mine."
  9. My dad promised to buy me a new bicycle. He kept his promise.


There seems to be no origin available for this phrase.

A suggestion would be that it has to do with being true to your word and honouring something that you have decided to do or agreed upon. Back in the day before people could go to a legal advisor or a lawyer, they would have to give a form of spoken agreement, a promise of what they both decided was going to happen.

When a couple falls in love in some cultures for example, a man gives an engagement ring as a promise to marry when he proposes to his future bride. So, if they marry, he has kept his promise.


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