love to death


love to death

Meaning | Synonyms

  • love someone very much
  • feel extremely strong affection for someone
  • love someone all your life, i.e., till you die

Example Sentences

  1. He is prepared to do anything for her, go to any extent. He loves her to death.
  2. The old woman loved her husband to death. Even when he was no more, she kept his memories alive by keeping his belongings close to her.
  3. Before they had got married, he had said that he would love her to death, but when the goings got tough, he deserted her.
  4. “Do you think she is in love with him?” “Oh, didn’t you know? She loves him to death and has been waiting for him since ages, but he is playing hard to get.”
  5. He loved her to death, and said that he could not stop loving her even when he knew that she had been unfaithful to him.
  6. She said she was prepared to leave back everything and go with him wherever he went because she loved him to death.
  7. He had loved her to death, and said that he could not be with any other woman apart from her.


The origin of the idiomatic express is yet not known, but your contribution is required if you’ve any clue.

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April I always will even though she killed me. I never did her wrong did she really love me I never know.

‒ Anonymous October 20, 2018

There is a source that comes very close to the origin of the expression = “loved to death” – It is found in the traditional wedding vows used in the church when the couple exchanged their vows. The man takes the right hand of the woman and they exchange this promise.

I “________ in the presence of God and these witnesses – take thee __________ to be my wedded wife – and plight thee my troth – till death us do part.”

‒ Robert Eckelman August 29, 2018

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