in the bag

in the bag


  • have something as good as secured or certain
  • certain to get or achieve something
  • assured of a successful result
  • virtually secured or achieved

Example Sentences

  1. The deal was finally in the bag after a few rounds of tough negotiations.
  2. The game was in the bag when the team scored their third goal.
  3. After months of hard campaigning, the politician believed that elections were in the bag.
  4. I have not yet got the job, but I believe its pretty much in the bag.
  5. Everyone thought that he had the match in the bag, but his opponent suddenly put in a tremendous performance and snatched it away from him.
  6. Having received a lot of praise from the management, he knew that his promotion was in the bag.
  7. Though I feel the contract is in the bag, I’ll wait for the confirmation before telling anyone.

The phrase originated in America in the early 20th century from a tradition of the baseball team New York Giants. The Giants had a superstition that if the ball bag was carried off the field with them in lead, the game was “in the bag” and they would not lose. It was first recorded in may, 1920 in the Ohio newspaper The Mansfield News.

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