household name

household name


  • to be very popular
  • to be known across a region, in every household
  • to be famous

Example Sentences

  1. The character is a household name because people are able to identify with the struggles that he faces.
  2. I am going to launch a product that will become a household name in the next 2 years.
  3. Their Italian cuisine is a household name in that town.
  4. The judge made himself a household name with such a great decision.
  5. You are a Hollywood actor. Of course you are a household name in my country!
  6. You have to work really hard to become a household name.


The invention of the television set made this phrase more apt to use. Something that would be on the television would soon and automatically become a household name. People often discuss popular TV shows at work and when hanging out. Television stars, shows and products aired are usually a point of discussion. The phrase was probably in use before the invention of the television set too but has taken off only afterwards.

A household name is one that is common in use in terms of a product. Product manufacturing and distribution has been around even before the TV set was introduced and hence the phrase is believed to be older too.

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