have a ball

have a ball


  • to have a great time
  • to live luxuriously

Example Sentences

  1. The team had a ball at the corporate event. Rarely are such parties so interesting for the employees.
  2. She knows how to have a ball by herself. She does not need a crowd to be happy.
  3. I promised my sister will have a ball this time on her birthday so I am taking her to the fashion event of the century. She will like it.
  4. I had a ball at the event because all the performers were so enthusiastic and interacted with the crowd.
  5. My uncle knows that his wife cannot have a ball within the salary that he earns so he works extra hard over the weekends to make more bucks.
  6. It was a great weekend – we all had a ball.


The culture of throwing balls was quite popular in the 1900’s by Britishers. They would throw one to get to know each other in the society, show off their wealth or merely to have some fun in the times where entertainment as such, was not given priority in daily lives.

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