go bananas


go bananas


  • become very angry or act crazy
  • go bananas” means to visibly become either excited or angry about something
  • a person could be extremely happy about something that is taking place, or they could be quite upset about it
  • going bananas results in a physical or verbal response to something that others will quickly be able to notice

Example Sentences

  1. She’ll go bananas if she sees the house in this (dirty) condition.
  2. Tony went bananas over the presents that his parents got him for Christmas.
  3. Students are going bananas over the lack of options available in the cafeteria for lunch.
  4. All of the girls went bananas at the mall as soon as they caught a glimpse of their favourite singer.
  5. The fans went bananas when their team won the game at the last second. 


If you have ever wondered what it means for someone to “go bananas,” the answer might surprise you. While it has nothing to do with the fruit, its origin can, in a way, be traced back to gorillas. 

While there are some disagreements about exactly who can take credit for the phrase “go bananas,” the most common origin has it dating back to various student groups at college in the 60s. This was a time of intense social movements and protests in America. It began with people saying that others were “going ape” over one idea or another, which eventually evolved into “going bananas.” The origin goes back to the manner in which gorillas are seen to literally “go ape” over bananas when they are offered to them.

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Guy Marks’ “Loving You Has Made Me Bananas” is a funny ditty.

‒ Bill Collins September 23, 2022

Hmmmm, one more banana, idiom, lovely. 🙂

‒ Branda English August 8, 2013

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