Fruits Idioms

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go pear-shaped

Meaning: to go wrong or fail, especially suddenly and unexpectedly.

Example: The business plan looked promising, but it all went pear-shaped when the funding fell through. Read more ➺

plum job

Meaning: a job that is highly desirable or sought-after because of its perks, benefits, or prestige.

Example: She secured a plum job that doubled her salary and included a generous bonus package. Read more ➺

bear fruit

Meaning: produce valuable results.

Example: Bearing fruit takes time and patience. Read more ➺

go bananas

Meaning: become very angry or act crazy

Example: She'll go bananas if she sees the house in this (dirty) condition. Read more ➺

worm in the apple

Meaning: the presence of something very bad in the best

Example: There's nothing worse than getting a worm in your apple! Read more ➺

when life gives you lemons

Meaning: make the best out of a difficult situation

Example: She tried to live by the motto 'when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.' Read more ➺

apple pie order

Meaning: neat and tidy in the arrangement

Example: My mother is always cleaning. The house is in apple-pie order. Read more ➺

apples to oranges

Meaning: the items that cannot be compared with each other

Example: We cannot compare Sara and Salina. They are apples and oranges. Read more ➺

apples to apples

Meaning: having a fair comparison between the two things

Example: To find out who is stronger is the apples to apples measure their capability to win the first prize in the field of Olympics. Read more ➺

low hanging fruit

Meaning: a goal that can be easily reached

Example: There are a lot of things that need to be completed for our project. I would suggest that we start with the low hanging fruit. Read more ➺