give the slip

give the slip


  • to get away
  • to escape from someone
  • to evade someone

Example Sentences

  1. The police were on the criminal's trail but in the end he managed to give them the slip.
  2. A huge media contingent was waiting for him but the celebrity gave them the slip by exiting quietly through the back door.
  3. All of us chased the thief but he managed to give us the slip by climbing over the high wall.
  4. The security team thought they had the intruder cornered, but with a slick manoeuvre, he gave them the slip.
  5. The player managed to give the defenders of the opposing team the slip and scored an important goal for his team.
  6. The streaker gave the guards the slip and ran into the field, holding up the play for almost ten minutes.
  7. The police chased him throughout the country for three days but the convict finally managed to give them the slip and vanished.
  8. The prisoners were supposed to be shifted to a different enclosure that day, but during the transit, they managed to give their captors the slip and vanished into the wilderness.

The phrase originated around the mid 1500s.

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