go out with

go out with


  • have a romantic relationship with someone
  • go out on a date with someone
  • date someone regularly

Example Sentences

  1. Sue and Rob had been going out with each other for five years before they finally decided to get married.
  2. Do you know whether Mike is still going out with Sally? Or have they finally decided to stop seeing each other?
  3. My friend had been going out with this girl for quite sometime, but unfortunately it did not work out and now they’ve broken up.
  4. Do you think he is the right person for you? How long have you been going out with each other?
  5. I know Katy and Greg used to go out with each other, but i don’t know what’s up with their relationship now.
  6. I’ve been going out with her for almost a year now, and I think I have finally found the right girl to settle down with.
  7. Most parents worry about the time when their children would grow up and start going out with someone.
  8. Why don’t you find someone nice and start going out with her? You can’t be depressed about your past relationships all the time.

The origin of the phrase is not known.

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