far cry from

far cry from


  • something that is very different from something else
  • different from what is expected
  • a long distance away, physically or metaphorically


  1. The apartment they live in now is a far cry from the huge mansion they once used to have.
  2. He is a great player, but it is time for him to retire. His recent performances are a far cry from what they used to be during his peak years.
  3. The reception of our boss’ daughter’s wedding was very simple and muted, a far cry from the lavish and boisterous one we were expecting.
  4. Due to the roadblock, we were forced to sleep in tents crammed with as many people as possible, a far cry from the comfortable rooms that we had booked.
  5. What the government had achieved during their rule was a far cry from what they had promised during the elections.
  6. The heat and dust of this city is a far cry from the clean and cool climes of the place where we used to live.
  7. That man is one of the rare government officials who is honest and hardworking, a far cry from most of his colleagues.

This phrase has been in use since the early 1800s.

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AuthorJahanvi writes on 26th March 2018

Thank u so much it helped me a lot😍😍

AuthorAratna writes on 18th January 2018

Very helpful. Can’t I write as, “This is something far to we have expected” ?

AuthorHasher writes on 3rd July 2017

I love this, thank you, this is very helpful.

AuthorAleah writes on 2nd July 2017

This is really helpful, it helps do my homework.

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