fall in love

fall in love


  • to be very attracted to someone
  • to start to love someone
  • to become enamoured of each other
  • start to feel love for someone or something

Example Sentences

  1. My brother and his fiancee fell in love when they went for a camping trip together with a group of friends.
  2. They started off as co-workers for the same organisation, but over the time, fell in love and have now decided to get married.
  3. They had fallen in love when they were in school and are still going strong.
  4. Falling in love is not something you have control over, it will just happen sometime and you will realize it later.
  5. When people fall in love, they want it to last forever, but sometimes it’s not the case.
  6. They had fallen madly in love with each other and were inseparable.
  7. He had fallen in love with her, but when he was spurned, he tried to get over it instead of being miserable.
  8. She fell in love with the red dress as soon as she saw it.

The phrase is an old one, but the exact time of origin is not known. The word fall is used in the expression to convey the sense that starting to love someone is something unexpected and unplanned, just as falling is unexpected and unplanned. It is also used to convey attraction to objects.

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