early days


it’s early days yet


  • it is too soon to make a judgment about something
  • a time too soon to come to a conclusion
  • the starting phase of anything


  1. The new measures seem to have worked, but it’s early days yet and the Reserve Bank of India Governor would rather not make any comment about the country’s economy.
  2. This is the last over of The Grand finale Cricket match, England could win but it’s early days yet.
  3. My new business is doing pretty well in terms of profit, but it’s early days.
  4. I anticipate my son will win the spelling contest this year, from his current presentation, but it is early days yet to be truly certain.
  5. In the early days of cars, the technology was not that advance as now.
  6. The humans are soon going to land on planets like earth outside our solar system, but it’s early days yet.

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