go after


go after


  • to catch up to someone after they have gone
  • to chase or pursue something or someone with the intention of catching up to them or stopping them
  • to pursue somebody or something

Example Sentences

  1. Leo has decided to go after his dreams with all that he has.
  2. Seeing that she was upset when she left, Harry decided to go after his girlfriend.
  3. I begged him to go after his brother just to make sure that he was okay.
  4. It is very inspiring to see young people going after the careers of their choice with so much zeal and ambition.
  5. I love going after things that make me happy and leave me feeling fulfilled.
  6. Cassie is such a go getter. She goes after every passion and dream with the same drive.
  7. Simon is going to have to go after his sister seeing as he is the one who got her upset in the first place.


The phrase originated from everyday use of the English language. “Go” means to move in a particular direction while “After” means a time following an event or behind an event. So combining both words yielded this idiom with a meaning that is quite literal i.e. going after something or someone after they have already left.

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