speak too soon


speak too soon


  • to say something with the belief that it will be right and then it is later found out to be untrue
  • to make an assumption regarding a situation only to be proven wrong afterwards

Example Sentences

  1. I was certain Nina would fail at her task and said so boldly. When she successfully completed her task, I knew I had spoken too soon.
  2. It’s better to speak after getting all the facts. That way you avoid speaking too soon.
  3. Alex always speaks too soon; he ends up apologising for his wrong assumptions.
  4. People who are judgemental always end up feeling guilty for speaking too soon about someone that they do not know.


This phrase is one that does not have a special story attached to it. It simply originated from the English meaning of both words that make up the phrase. To speak too soon literally means that the person involved spoke before the time was right and as time went on, it is usually seen that what was previously said is wrong. Therefore, this is how the phrase got to be used in situations where what was said is found to be wrong.

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To speak too soon sometimes changes the dynamics of the info volunteered. For one reason or another.

‒ Anonymous September 26, 2020

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