dog tired


dog tired


  • very tired
  • exhausted
  • extremely weary
  • completely drained
  • worn out

Example Sentences

  1. Now, I am dog-tired after three days of the journey.
  2. Carl usually got home at around 5 o’clock, dog tired after overtime on the job.
  3. Miranda was dog-tired after the series. She played every game.
  4. After two days of travel by air, all of us were dog tired.
  5. I am dog-tired of refreshing my inbox searching for your mail.
  6. When the race was over, the winner was dog tired.
  7. I cannot work at my full efficiency when I am dog-tired. I need a break now.
  8. If you’re a mountain biker, often you are too dog tired after a climb.
  9. When they arrived home, they were all dog-tired and hungry.


Dog tired is an old English idiom usually hyphenated to dog-tired. An adjectival phrase meaning to be physically exhausted, it derives from an ancient tale of Alfred the Great, who used to send his sons out with his widespread kennels of hunting dogs. Whichever of his sons, be it Athelbrod or Edwin, were able to catch more of the hounds would gain their father’s right-hand side at the dinner table that evening. These chases would leave them ‘dog-tired’ yet merry at their victory. The tradition was continued for a few generations but is not noted in literature after Bede’s Ecclesiastical History of the English People.

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Can we say it is a phrasal compound?

‒ Yoli October 25, 2020

Ya it is@julia …….collection of word ( not hav’g verbs)……….

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