bell the cat

bell the cat
Meaning: do a dangerous job.
Example: Someone has to bell the cat and tell the commissioner that his own started the violence.

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3 Thoughts

Once lived a cat- many rats in an old house- the cat eats one rat everyday- one day the most old rat organise a meeting- the most young rat give a suggestion to put a bell in the cat’s neck- then a rat asks that who will bell the cat ? – then all rats went silent .
can u give a moral for this story ?

- Urvi August 17, 2020

Great job, indeed!

- Abbas September 7, 2016

Bureaucracy will have to be upgraded to understand how to manage commodity prices in a market economy if the government is to play in forwards and futures to ensure some price stability. Is there anyone to bell the cat?

- Raman September 28, 2015

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