concern with

concern with


  • to be busy with something
  • involved with
  • to make someone busy with something
  • to block thoughts with something
  • to be preoccupied with
  • paying attention in

Example Sentences

  • The company has no concern with how he keeps up after he has resigned.
  • I am concerned with the health of my children and hence try to do the maximum that I can to ensure their development.
  • She concerns herself with the minutest details at every event which is why her stress levels are always so high.
  • I am concerned with the development of my nation and hence keep up with the political on-goings.
  • You should not be concerned with what she does at her own time and space.
  • While I would like to be concerned with everything that happens in your life, I do not have enough time from my own.
  • His mother is concerned with everything that happens at their home. So it is natural that his wife feels like she is being remote controlled.


The origin is possibly based in the American history. The civil war and the times of crisis had people get preoccupied with the on goings of the political and economic situation. This is the time when the phrase is speculated to have originated.

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