chill to the bone


chill to the bone
also, chill to the marrow


  • to get frightened or scare somebody
  • to be very cold
  • to feel unpleasantly cold
  • feel very chilly and frosty
  • to make someone feel very scared

Example Sentences

  1. The movie they played on cable last night gave me a chill to the bone. I will not be watching a night time movie any time soon.
  2. Passing from nearby a graveyard at night gives me a chill to the bone.
  3. He got a chill to the bone when the teacher caught him cheating in the examination. He was barred from giving it again for two years straight.
  4. She discovered all of his dark secrets after the wedding and it gave her a chill to the bone.
  5. The children got a chill to the bone when they discovered that there was someone in the house already when they entered.
  6. When I heard the scrapping noise on the door after the horror movie ended, I got a chill to the bone
  7. She was alone in the house and a prank such as this could give her a chill to the bone.
  8. My cousin claims that she does not get a chill to the bone while watching even the best of the horror movies.
  9. After driving the bike for couple of hours now I am chilled to the bone.
  10. I never knew the winter weather of Canada could be so rude; it just chilling me to the bone.
  11. This is my first visit to such high hills of Himalaya; I am now just feeling chilled to the bone.
  12. I am chilled to the bone because I’ve been waiting for you on the road during snow fall for couple of hours.


The phrase is believed to have originated in the gruesome and bloody past of the United Kingdom where the many killings led to people finding bones in seemingly common scenarios such as walking past the Themes River.

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