chill to the marrow

chill to the marrow
also, chill to the bone


  • to be very cold
  • to be very scared
  • to feel unpleasantly cold

Example Sentences

  1. The movie gave me a chill to the marrow. I am not recommending it to anyone. It is horrible.
  2. I get a chill to the marrow on even passing by that building, it is just so creepy.
  3. This play will give anyone a chill to the marrow. Trust me, you do not want to go for it alone.
  4. After I came home from the horror movie, I could not sleep and even the slightest movement in the air was giving me a chill to the marrow.
  5. Raising your children alone without any support would have been so hard. I just think about it and it gives me a chill to the marrow.
  6. The sight was so dreadful that it has given me a chill to the marrow. I will never step in that street again.


The “marrow” is the soft tissue which is inside the bones. Cold is first felt on the skin then moves to the flesh and bones. It reaching the marrow signifies an extreme and that is the origin of the phrase too. It could also signify a deadly cold but is usually referred to being extremely scared.

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