bump into


bump into


  • to meet someone by chance/accident
  • to knock into something suddenly
  • to hit against something by mistake
  • to run into something

Example Sentences

  1. It was so nice to bump into you last week. I haven’t seen you in years.
  2. Isn’t it terrible to bump into someone you know when you are not looking your best?
  3. Justin Bieber might spend most of his time living in Los Angeles, but the ‘Purpose’ star has been spending some of his time off back home in Canada – where it seems pretty much all of the residents of Ontario have bumped into him while going about their business.
  4. This weekend, they fully expect to bump into each other in and around their homes, that relationship, which the German describes as “easy going enough”, not quite repaired to the pomp of their early karting days.
  5. Please move that massive chair from the centre of the room. Someone is going to bump into.


The word “bump” has been used since 1590s, meaning a “protuberance caused by a blow”. The idiomatic meaning has been used since 1886. Meaning “to meet someone by chance”.

It is used colloquially, meaning that it is not used in formal language. It is an informal expression.


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