bug someone

to bug someone


  • to bother or irritate someone
  • used to describe a person who is annoying or irritating
  • to put a recording device on someone so that all of the moves that they make can be recorded and used against them as evidence

Example Sentences

  1. The squadron leader bugged the military man in order to find out if he was a spy for the enemy.
  2. I have asked your brother to not bug you until you have finished studying for the exam.
  3. The paparazzi are often seen bugging celebrities for pictures and interviews.
  4. He is such a bug, he just won’t take the hint that I do not like him.
  5. Bugging your mother is not going to get you extra sweets for lunch, you can try t though.
  6. He was in no mood to be bugged today so he went straight to bed after dinner.
  7. It is common between siblings to bug each other regularly. But it is not acceptable for an outsider to do so.
  8. Most people don’t understand their boundaries and end up bugging her for her life story.


The literary origin of the phrase is no available. Speculation does point to the use of ‘bug’ as something irritating as is the nature of insects.

It appears to be a modern day phrase.

B 1 Thought

1 Thought

Another definition for “bug” is a glitch in a program, like a video game.

- A.J. Apellido September 29, 2017

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