buffer zone

buffer zone


  • neutral zone between two or more areas
  • the adjoining places of the affected area
  • an area chosen for conservation
  • a tract of land between hostile forces
  • zone separating opposing or conflicting nations
  • park or green belt between built-up or over-crowded areas
  • no man’s land

Example Sentences

  1. The council proposed to plant some parkland as a buffer zone between the industrial estate and the new housing project.
  2. The military quickly lay down a three-mile buffer zone between themselves and the enemy forces.
  3. The teacher always sat at least two children between her worst trouble-makers as a buffer zone to keep the peace.
  4. There’s a 50-meter buffer zone with a 24-hour guard on duty, around the prison as an added deterrent to anyone thinking of escape.
  5. The football club put a buffer zone in the stands to separate rival fans before the match.
  6. The town planning was informed that the buffer zone was to be maintained.
  7. North Korean authorities had issued shoot-to-kill orders to prevent the Coronavirus, entering from China, creating a “buffer zone” at the border.
  8. The authority must create a buffer zone between rivers and factories to avoid water pollution.
  9. If it requires a buffer zone to keep the peace, then let’s keep the peace.
  10. The lovely landscaping includes a wide sidewalk winding past a natural buffer zone with trees, grasses, and wild plants.


There doesn’t seem to be much information available about this phrase’s history. It is often used in military or political parlance as a neutral tract of land between opposing or hostile forces.

It is also used when discussing environmental and conservation zones, as they can be areas of land set aside for heritage sites to protect specified buildings or flora and fauna.


B 1 Thought

1 Thought

Example: It’s better to create a buffer zone between married couples that are not at peace with each other to prevent loss of lives.

- Merisah Bwalya September 29, 2020

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