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exit poll

Meaning: a survey of voters conducted as they leave polling stations to predict election outcomes.

Example: The news channel released the exit poll results, suggesting a tight race between the two leading candidates. Read more ➺

call the shots

Meaning: to be in charge of what is happening and what should happen.

Example: The security forces will call the shots all around during the political gatherings. Read more ➺

divide and conquer (or rule)

Meaning: gain an advantage over others by creating divisions.

Example: The plan today is to divide and conquer to complete our coursework. Read more ➺

chattering classes

Meaning: refers to the people who comment on events but have no power to influence them, such as journalists, broadcasters, or public figures.

Example: The royal baby's birth was a historic event and has recently become a trendy topic among the chattering classes. Read more ➺

lame duck

Meaning: a person or thing that is disabled, helpless, ineffective, or inefficient.

Example: Knowing she would be a lame duck, the mayor decided to resign from office early and retire. Read more ➺

conspiracy of silence

Meaning: general agreement to keep silent about a subject for the sake of secrecy.

Example: Healthcare professionals create a conspiracy of silence due to the fear of legal proceedings, corrective action, or punishment.  Read more ➺

the corridors of power

Meaning: the office of a powerful leader.

Example: When Jim became a clerk to a Supreme Court justice, he thought he would get his foot inside the corridors of power. Read more ➺

the buck stops here

Meaning: The responsibility for a situation or a problem with somebody.

Example: One does not need to blame anybody else for corruption in the republic of India; the buck stops with the leaders of the government of the world's biggest democratic nation. Read more ➺

buffer zone

Meaning: neutral zone between two or more areas

Example: The council proposed to plant some parkland as a buffer zone between the industrial estate and the new housing project. Read more ➺

drain the swamp

Meaning: rooting out the practice of corruption

Example: No matter how critical it is, Draining the swamps would be just about impossible unless we citizens take action against it in the union. Read more ➺