call on


call on


  • use courage, reserve, nerve or strength to achieve something
  • to visit someone for a short while
  • ask someone to do something (officially)
  • make an urgent request for somebody to do something
  • ask someone in a group to speak

Example Sentences

  1. He had to call on all his strength to get to the finals.
  2. We go past my sister’s house on the way home so let’s call on her.
  3. My neighbour is always handy if I need to call on her.
  4. Harry was called on to make a quick announcement at the meeting.
  5. The head of the church has called on the disgraced politician to resign.
  6. You can call on me if you need help with the garden.
  7. The manager called on all the staff to be mindful of the new budget restrictions.
  8. My maths teacher called on me for the answer, but I wasn’t listening and got in trouble.
  9. Catherine needed to call on all her courage to stand up to the office bully.
  10. The government is calling on our allies to reach an agreement.


This is a phrasal verb with several uses as above. You can also use call upon.

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