heavy heart
heavy heart Meaning | Synonyms attaining a state of grief very unhappy about something feeling Depressed feeling miserable about something under deep sadness going through a tough time ... Read on
broken heart
broken heart Variants break someone's heart heartbroken brokenhearted Meaning | Synonyms when a person is emotionally sad or grief-stricken, then it's broken hearted it is primarily used to ... Read on
cry over spilt milk
cry over spilt milk also cry over spilled milk Meaning to be upset about things that have already been done to cry about past events that cannot be undone ... Read on
down in the dumps
down in the dumps Meaning a gloomy unhappy sad in low spirits in melancholy mood in depressed state of mind lacking engagement or enthusiasm. Example Sentences As the ... Read on
crocodile tears
crocodile tears Variants shed crocodile tears weep crocodile tears cry crocodile tears Meaning | Synonyms fake cry fake tears of regret shed phony tears of sorrow crying of grief that are ... Read on

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so to speak
so to speak also, so to say Meaning | Synonyms as it where in a manner of speaking sort of as you might say that is to say ... Read on


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